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I adore Pinterest. If you don’t follow my boards already, you should come check it out. However, I often find myself pinning way more projects I actually have time for so several great ideas just sit there waiting patiently for me.  Then, every so often, I rediscover a gem. This is one of those gems that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and thanks to my friends at My Vinyl Direct, I’m finally getting it done. This is also step one in my New Years resolution to send a card to every member of my family on or before their birthday. I present my family birthday board:

Family Birthday Board ~Project Simple Home

Like I said, I originally spotted these on pinterest and had to check them out. My favorites have come from LollyJane (see below) who use to sell them and now have given a great tutorial on how to make one yourself. That’s where I’m getting my instruction from (with a personal twist, of course).

Lollyjane Birthday Boards

I started with a 1/2″x6″x24″ board from Lowes found in their lumber section. I also picked up some packs of #216 1/2″ eye hooks (again from Lowes) and enough wooden rounds (from Hobby Lobby) for each month plus every family member.  For me, I needed 43 eye hooks and 32 wooden rounds. I had all of the paint and other supplies that I needed to use at home and My Vinyl Direct supplied all the vinyl. The first thing I did was pre-drill some holes into the top and bottom of each wooden round using a 1/16 bit. I did the first few holes with a large power drill before my husband reminded me that our much lighter Dremel tool would be easier. Even with the Dremel tool, I did manage to destroy one wooden round by drilling off center and poking through one of the sides so please be careful and use a buffer (like a hand towel) to hold each round while you are drilling. I also pre-drilled 12 evenly spaced holes along the bottom of the board. The next step involves painting everything. This is where you can have a ton of fun. Pretty much everyone customizes the colors to fit the room decor, but you can also go the extra mile by painting each family group a different color, or using different colors for birthdays and anniversaries. Or perhaps you’ll be like me and stick to a single color for all the name tags. Angled Birthday Board ~ Project Simple Home Finally comes the labeling. I used Matte Lipstick vinyl from My Vinyl Direct for the word “celebrate,” and Matte Black vinyl for the months, names, and dates. Everything is written in Cooper Std font. I’ve seen some people use paint or markers for the lettering, but I really enjoy the ease and clean look of using vinyl. Plus I adore my Silhouette Cameo and any reason to use it! It’s such a time saver.

Assembly is really easy: just screw an eye hooks into each pre-drilled hole and attach the name tags under the appropriate month. You will have to use pliers to open some of the eye hooks so you can link them, and since my family is growing pretty rapidly right now, I chose not to close them again. You may want to if you have some “helpful” toddler hands that may like to rearrange things. Mount on the wall with ribbon, nails, or command strips.

Before Birthday Board ~ Project Simple Home After Birthday Board ~ Project Simple Home

I put mine is a small corner of our playroom near the garage door. Because of spacing and the aforementioned door, I can’t put too much there, but I’ve really enjoyed having this small pop of color. Because I see it everyday, it’s been great as a personal reminder of my goal this year. The area around it still looks kinda bland, but I’m working on jazzing it up some more in the near future.

Do you send birthday cards to family and friends? If you do, how do you remember all those dates? What other occasions do you send cards for?


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