Baking Sheet Pan Organization

March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized by Andrea

Looking for a quick organizational project to brighten up your day? I was able to knock out some cutting board and baking sheet pan organization in less than a half hour!

Every time you move, you have those first few months where you are trying to figure out where everything “belongs” in the kitchen. I grew up storing most of our sheet pans in the drawer under the oven, and our cutting boards varied from house to house. I think most people experienced the same thing. I continued to follow those storage ideas when I lived on my own and eventually when I got married. I never was a fan of digging through that drawer to find whatever pan I needed though, especially since somehow it was ALWAYS on the bottom!

When we moved into our new home, we had a thinner cabinet near the stove. I was at a loss of how to utilize it for a while, but one day it hit me: If I turn my baking sheets and cutting boards on their sides, it became a great storage solution!

Disorganized Baking Sheets ~ Project Simple Home

While it was significantly easier to find my sheet pans without digging now, gravity tends to work against thin boards balancing on their edges. I would remove one pan and all the others would tip over. I knew I needed some form of dividers for the space, but I wasn’t quite ready to drill holes for dowel rods in there yet (my original idea). While shopping for curtains, I spotted some inexpensive short tension rods and I knew I found my answer!

Baking Pan Organizing Using Tension Rods and Mail Sorter ~ Project Simple Home

Installation was easy. I use two rods for each divided section; one in back, one in front. For my cutting boards, I used an old mail sorter that came with a desk set I purchased years ago. Because I have some small “bar-style” cutting boards, this held them upright better than the tension rods would.

Organizing Baking Sheets Using Tension Rods ~ Project Simple Home

It’s so nice to have the space organized again! It’s also much easier to keep it organize, and find that pan that I need for dinner. I always know when a system is working when my husband is able to keep it up! I do still utilize that oven drawer to hold my less-often used baking pans, like those for cake and muffins. I really don’t mind digging for those once in a blue moon.

Lets hear from you! Do you store your baking pans in that drawer under the oven? What is that drawer called? Have you ever had an “AH HA!” moment when it comes to organization?