Project Simple Home’s Birthday Celebration — Better After & Food Storage Made Easy

April 10, 2013 in Giveaway by Andrea

Welcome to Day Three of our Birthday Celebration!

Project Simple Home's Birthday Celebration and Week Worth of Giveaways!

Today we have not one, but TWO amazing giveaways! The first is from Lindsey of the popular blog Better After.

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Lindsey and her blog hold a special place in my heart. A few years ago I was introduced to by a friend who wanted to show me some amazing furniture renovation. I had never followed a blog before that moment, but after reading through every single page that evening, I quickly became a fan. I read daily and was constantly impressed with the pieces that people all over were submitting.

Bassinet Featured from Andrea at Project Simple Home featured on Better After

Last year, I had the opportunity to submit my own project. I had found out that I was pregnant, but we were also gearing up to move so my nesting had to be limited to items that could move from one place to another. After seeing the crazy prices of new bassinets, I decided to revamp one of my own from something second hand. I found a $20 dollar on craigslist and went to town. Bright paint + cool fabric fabric – frilly ruffles = an awesome and modern bassinet for my baby boy. Imagine my delight when I saw my project featured on her blog! I think I called 20 people in excitement!

After that delightful day my own personal blog, originally set up to inform far off family of our daily life, started getting lots of extra visitors looking for more projects. While I was happy that they enjoyed my creative side, I wasn’t thrilled with strangers knowing all the little details of my life and family. After talking with my husband, I created Project Simple Home. It’s had a change of appearance over time as I have become more web-savvy (and will most likely continue to change overtime) but I consider it one of my greatest blessings. I truly enjoy meeting people from all over, reconnecting with old friends, and being a part of an amazing blogging community that include people like Lindsey. It all started with her and her blog, and to this day I still continue to read every post. As I continue to work on my home, keep a look out for me on Better After, I hope to make another appearance soon :)

So what is in gift number three?

Lindsey, the wonderful gal that she is, if offering something super special for any blogger, Esty owner, or anyone else hoping to get a little more visual traffic. Lindsey has generously donated a month’s worth of advertising space on her very popular blog. Truth be known, I would love to win this!

Win One Month of Advertising on during Project Simple Home's Birthday Celebration

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Jodi and Julie from Food Storage Made EasyWe actually have TWO giveaways for you today. Our second giveaway comes from Jodi and Julie at Food Storage Made Easy. These ladies are awesome. I had the opportunity to meet them both a few weeks ago and it was a treat. They are some of the premier bloggers on food storage and utilizing it in their daily lives, so it’s pretty safe to say that I look up to them. Well, I look up to Julie; I can meet Jodi at eye-level. It’s so refreshing to meet someone as short as I am. In addition to writing about emergency prep and food storage on their blog, they have a wonderful E-book that you can use to start or refresh your supply. You can also get weekly update via their newsletter so you can stay current on all the latest information including new products, sales, reviews and other special treats.

Ready for your next present?

Jodi and Julie have generously gifted a copy of their E-book for your prepping pleasure! Win a copy of Food Storage Made Easy E-book during Project Simple Home's Birthday Celebration

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Enter using the raffle-copter widgets, and remember that all giveaways end Sunday the 14th at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced the following day.