Family Chore Cards to complete you Chore Chart

March 4, 2014 in Simply Organized by Andrea

Family Chore Cards as a companion to my Chore Chart ~ Project Simple Home Last week, I gave you a peek the Cleaning Chart (with FREE printable!) that my family and I have been using to keep order around the house. But you probably noticed an odd blank spot in the lower right hand corner. Fear not, your printer didn’t malfunction (unlike my own printer this last week…which totally died). This is where I keep my Family Chore Cards! 

Family Chore Cards can come in many different forms. If you have older children, you might have a card dedicated to them with their personal weekly responsibilities written on them. Maybe a punch card to help keep track of how often they are doing their chores. Or, perhaps you have “extra” chores that your children can do to earn an extra reward. Maybe instead of chore cards, you use fun Popsicle sticks! The options and ideas are endless.

For my family, I have written how I would like each room cleaned in more detail than I have on the Cleaning Chart, including which cleaner I prefer. On the back of each card, I made a quick list of what supplies and cleaners you will need to get the job done. Since I also have homemade cleaners that I use, I’ve also included the recipes for those on a separate card.

Chore card holder made from a recycled box and pretty wrapping paper ~ Project Simple HomeI love that me or my hubby can take the card with us while we are cleaning and check off the chores as we go. I really love knowing chores will be done to my satisfaction because each step is written out. Not more forgetting to sanitize the light switch or refilling the bathroom supplies! I’m planning on making one for each of the big yearly chores, but it will be a slower process. 

The cards themselves are simply 3×5 note cards that have been laminated. While some printers allow you to print directly to note cards, I’m still getting the hang of my new ink filled friend and decided to just print the front and back information on plain paper. I then cut it out and attached the info to the card before laminating. Lamination allows for longevity, plus we can use a dry erase marker to check off the different chores. 

For more fun ways on how I use my laminator to organize, click here.

Family Chore Cards as a companion to my Chore Chart ~ Project Simple Home The ways that I made the “box” for the cards is a very similar process to how I created my free DIY drawer dividers. I used an recycled paperboard box (the Zatarain’s Rice boxes are perfectly sized), sliced the top off, and covered in pretty paper. A command strip or two to secure it to the picture frame and that was it. I had searched for other options including note card boxes from major office supply stores, but most of those are horizontal rather than vertical. Plus, this option was free! 

While the Chore Chart alone is working wonders with helping our family keep order around the house, the addition of the Chore Cards allows me plenty of room to adapt and expand as our family needs change. While it is still a relatively new system in out home, I’m already seeing the benefits. This visible reminder helps everyone stays on the same page.